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India has a rich tradition of folk art that can be traced back to 3rd millennium B.C., in the pre-historic settlements. One such art form is Warli Art, this ancient and beautiful folk art originates from the Northern Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, traditionally practiced by tribal women. This art was first introduced in the 70's and after that, named it "Warli" art. Tribal people express themselves in vivid styles through paintings, which they execute on the walls of their house. The most important aspect of Warli art is, it doesn't depict mythological characters or images of deities, but depicts social life. Warli painting beautifully executes loose rhythmic patterns with pictures of human beings and animals in daily life scenes such as hunting, dancing, sowing, and harvesting. These tribes are forest-dwellers but have made a gradual transition towards being a pastoral community. The developing reputation and commercialization of the Warli painting have seen upraise of numerous tribes and they are progressively getting incorporated with modern society.
Penkraft is presenting you an opportunity to learn Warli art form, with "Warli Painting Online Course" - from the comfort of your home, at the time of your choice, at your own pace!
Penkraft's Warli Painting Online Course helps you to learn the art in an easy manner, this course teaches the basics of the art form, which covers borders, figures, trees and more. Further it teaches you how to draw and paint Warli art on different surfaces like canvas, cloth, paper and so on. This course will teach you the correct painting technique needed to complete these paintings, and walk you through that process from scratch!
We also dwell on how to care for your instruments and how to curate and maintain them! This is a practical informal course and the focus will be on having lots of fun while learning!