Download Brochure Penkraft Course FAQ: Answers to Your Creative Learning Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to avail our services and products, you’ll have to register yourself with Penkraft® and create an account that manages all your courses. For guidance, have a look at “How to Register?” video.
To create an account, you need to register with a valid email id and fill in the details required, by signing up. For guidance, have a look at “How to Register?” video.
There are two methods available to make a payment: PayPal & Paytm
Penkraft® kit is a set of the material required for your course, depending on the course you subscribe for.
YES! If you want to buy a kit, you can purchase it from at minimal charges.
or from Amazon:
For further queries, contact us on +91 73040 44597 / 73040 44598 .
An OTP is a One Time Password that will allow you to access the course, after you subscribe.
The OTP will be couriered to you along with the Penkraft® kit and once you enter the OTP, your subscription will start.
Once subscribed, the course cannot be refunded. But our team will surely help you to understand the inconvenience caused to you.
On Contact Us page, you can type and forward your query. Our team will help you resolve it.
Yes, there is option to fast forward the course video, but you’ll have to wait till the video gets over to upload assignment. Being said that, you can still rewind the video.
After you have successfully subscribed to the course, log-in with the registered email id and password, let’s say your email id- and password J***9. On log-in, at the right-side top you’ll see “Hi, Joy▼” click on it, and select “ My Subscription” option. Now you’ll be redirected to “Subscriptions” list, where you can start your course.
There are two ways to upload the assignment, firstly, you can directly upload the assignment under the “Upload” Section below the course video. Secondly, you can also upload the assignment under “My Profile” >>”My Subscription” List. Against your course name, click on “Assignment” and select the chapter in the drop-down list and upload the assignment.
Penkraft® Online Courses are a 20-hour lesson-plan based course to be completed stagewise in 25 days. If you are unable to complete the course in 25 days, “Buy Extension” feature will help you to purchase extension for the course activation. For further queries regarding the “Buy Extension” fee, contact us on +91 73040 44598.