Teachers' Training


During the Pen Mandala Basic course, you learned how to draw mandalas with grid lines and without grid lines, symmetrical and non-symmetrical, on paper. You further learned how to draw mandalas with a pen and a brush, on different surfaces like canvas, fabric, paper and MDF Board. You also learned the correct painting techniques needed to complete these paintings. During this Penkraft Pen Mandala Advanced Course, you will build up on your knowledge of this art form further by learning the use of tools like brushes, 3D outliners, different shapes of mirrors to create stunning symmetrical patterns, lines, intricate details, and learn to create this art form on complex surfaces such as Adi Yogi on Flower Cut-out MDF, Evil Eye with Mirrors, Buddha on Manjarpat cloth, and Moon Mandala Wall Hanging. The Penkraft Pen Mandala Advanced course helps you understand the materials you are handling, explaining different pen stroke techniques as well as exploring lines, and patterns. Once you master this art not only can you create, your own personalized designs and patterns but also are set on the path of gifting or selling these for running your own business.