Teachers' Training


During the Dot Mandala Basic Course, you learned the fundamental principles and techniques of creating beautiful and intricate Dot Mandala Art. You further learned how to explore the art form on various surfaces like Canvas, Fabric, and MDF Boards, the course served as the foundation of knowledge and skills to create the art form.
During this Penkraft Dot Mandala Advanced Course, you will learn to expand your skills and creativity in the finer details of dot placements, color theory, and the intricacies of designs. You shall then learn to create this art form on complex surfaces such as Evil Eye on Round MDF, Dream Catcher, Butterfly Shape Wall Décor, 3D Adiyogi, and Yin-Yan Tealight Holder.
The Penkraft Dot Mandala Advanced Course helps you understand how to create mesmerizing patterns, elaborate compositions, and unique variations. Once you master this art, you can create your own personalized designs and you’re set on the path of gifting and selling these for running your own business.