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Phad Painting

India’s varied folk art forms have narrated stories for centuries through vibrant visual representation, and while each one is culturally significant and beautiful in its own way, Phad Painting of Rajasthan particularly stands out for its unique history, origin, and the efforts put into its revival. Phad Painting is one of the few surviving ‘scroll painting’ art forms in the world.
Phad finds its origins in Shahpura, in the Bhilwara region. Its 700+-year-old legacy has been passed down over generations of a single family. This art of scroll painting narrates & then elaborates upon religious stories of local deities. One unique feature of this art form is that the human figures in these paintings always face each other and not the audience / viewer. The size of the figures in these paintings vary as per the importance of the character in the story. Traditionally these paintings were created on canvas / cotton / khadi cloth using vegetable dyes.
Art forms like Phad preserve folklore & stories that have traveled through centuries and reflect India’s glorious civilizational culture. Penkraft has introduced a contemporary way to create this artwork, on various surfaces. With a proper understanding of the process to develop a Phad painting and giving it an artistic look, you can make your personalized designs. Once you master the art of making these art forms, you are set on the path of selling or gifting them and running your own business.

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