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Pen Mandala

Learning an art is such an exciting journey. It allows you to explore various techniques, colours and express your innermost thoughts in a sublime manner. In the digital world of the 21st century, the pace of life is so frantic frenetic that each of us is in need of an artistic outlet to vent out their pent-up emotions. What can be a better option than the soothing and spiritual art of Mandala?
Mandala - This therapeutic art, hailing from the Himalayan highlands has geometrical patterns that are so intricate, complex and yet so enticing. The name 'Mandala' traces its origin to the Sanskrit word 'Mandal' meaning a circle. The art of Mandala is firmly rooted in the spiritual beliefs of Hindu and Buddhist religions. These religions believe that the universe is endless, just like a circle which doesn't have a beginning or an end. Just like this circle, the circular Mandala art design also begins from a central point and expands outwards in various layers and curves.
Penkraft proudly offers its 'Pen Mandala Online Course' that guides the art enthusiasts and hobbyists to learn the art of creating beautiful Mandala designs with brush and pen, right from scratch - in simple, easy-to-follow steps. In Pen Mandala Course, you will learn how to draw mandala with grid lines and without grid lines, symmetrical and non-symmetrical on paper. Further learn how to draw Mandala with Pen and Brush, on different surfaces like canvas, fabric, paper and MDF Board. This course also will teach you the correct painting techniques needed to complete these paintings!
So step into the artistic world with Penkraft, learn to draw Mandala online with our expert instructors and discover the talented artist within you.

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