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Kerala Mural Art

A mural is an artwork or a painting usually done on a wall. While the Kerala region abounds in murals, being the second largest such spread in India after Rajasthan region, the oldest mural paintings in the Kerala region are estimated to have been made during the 9th and 10th centuries. The themes of this art form mainly depict ancient Indian epics such as Ramayan, Mahabharat, the Purans, etc., and Kerala murals stand out for their rich, delicate, and aesthetically pleasing presentation of Hindu gods. The deities are presented in a beautiful stylized manner, with magnified features like wide eyes, elongated lips and particular body proportions.

Traditionally, natural materials and pigments were used to create Kerala mural paintings but off late, artists also use other media like acrylic colours, water-colors, oil paints, etc to create this art form on paper, MDF and other surfaces.

During this Penkraft Online Kerala Mural Art course, we start with the drawing and painting of elements typical to Kerala murals such as water, lotus, jewelleries, fish, swan and the figures of deities. For the beginners who are not fully confident of directly drawing on the surface, transferring the tracings provided with the course kit, on to the surface is then covered. We then teach step by step from surface preparation to drawing and then painting the elements and figures of deities in detail with patterns using acrylic colours. The course begins with using Paper as the surface and then progresses to Canvas, round MDF surface, cloth bag, and an MDF Pen-stand. Throughout the training we keep providing tips and tricks to make your experience rewarding and your knowledge of this art thorough!

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