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Kantha Art

Kantha art, the least difficult type of weaving, is a customary fine art frequently practiced by country ladies that began in the Indian subcontinent, especially among the locals of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The word 'Kantha' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'kontha' meaning mats. The idea behind this embroidery was to reuse old garments and materials to transform them into a novel, new thing. The customary Kantha work of art was created on delicate dhotis and sarees with a basic running stitch along the edges. It holds a rich social and verifiable importance and is known for its intricate sewing and energetic variety of motifs to make delightful artworks. Design and patterns often incorporate portrayals of animals, nature, fanciful figures, and regular day-to-day existence scenes. Penkraft has introduced a contemporary way to create this art form on fabrics such as cotton and silk. The benefits of Kantha art are it allows you to customize your artwork according to your choice, be it your wearable clothes such as T-shirts, dupattas, kurtas; accessories, or home décor. Penkraft Kantha art course starts with the basics to help you understand the material you are handling, understand and master the process, and helps you create beautiful Kantha stitch artworks with your personalized designs and patterns. Once you master this art, not only can you flaunt your hand-embroidered stuff, but also are set on the path of gifting or selling these for running your own business!

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