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Image Transfer

Image transfer is a wonderful art of transferring your favourite pictures or chosen images on different surfaces. It results in a look as if the image is printed on the surface. The process is simple, interesting and gives a wonderful effect creating personalized products and gifts in a jiffy.
Various techniques have been used by different artists for decades to transform ordinary objects into pieces of delightful art! Some artists use chemicals to transfer images taken from magazines, and other printed matter, onto their canvas or artwork. Also, many artists use an acrylic medium to transfer photocopies to their canvas.
Images can be transferred onto surfaces such as wooden discs, canvas, cloth, glass bottles, etc of different shapes and sizes. The process can be done on wooden panels to create lovely backgrounds or decorations as you please.
In this structured, module-based, 15-hours course, we teach you how to transfer the desired image on any surface, without using many materials, and create a beautiful product. All through the course, we also share learn tips and tricks to make your image transfer work interesting and productive, and a set of dos and don’ts to keep you on the right track!
So, go ahead and transfer your creativity into art!

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