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Clay Work

Clay, which is a type of fine-grained natural soil that is soft & loose, develops plasticity when wet, but becomes hard, brittle, and non–plastic upon drying or firing. Because of its this characteristic, clay is a preferred material to create interesting articles! Since times immemorial, humans have created clay objects, and artisans continue to do so today too, to manufacture both functional and decorative wares.

Making articles from clay for home décor and gifting is a popular hobby. With proper understanding of the process to create clay articles and giving it an artistic look, you can make handmade personalized products for yourself, for gifting your near & dear ones, or simply for selling them online / offline. Once you master the art of making these articles, you are set on the path of selling them and running your own business. We have designed this thorough course for artists who are passionate about learning to make clay articles.

During this Penkraft Clay Art Course, we shall use modeling clay – it is preferred by artists due to their malleable properties. It can be used for sculpting, blending, texturing, thinning, scraping, poking, cutting, etc. Air dry clay, a type of modelling clay, is a versatile product that can be used in many craft projects without heating. The objects made from air dry clay cure at normal room temperature and after drying, they can be painted and decorated in a variety of ways. Of the two types of air dry clay, one has a resin base that needs to be mixed well with the hardener before use, while the other is a ready-to-use variety that we shall be using during this course.

  • Air dry clay (4 pack)
  • Acrylic color (set of 6)
  • Brushes - 00,03
  • Glue (1)
  • Scraper (1)
  • Sponge (1)

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