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Ganjifa Art

Ganjifa Cards find their origin in Persia where playing cards (called Ganjifeh in Persian) were common in games of amusement & socializing. After being introduced in India in the sixteenth century, these cards, and the game, took on local flavors of different parts – Navdurga Ganjifa of Odisha, Sawantwadi Ganjifa of Maharashtra, Mughal Ganjifa, Dashavtar Ganjifa, Gujarat Ganjifa, Mysuru Ganjifa, Kashmir Ganjifa, etc. – each with its distinct iconography, deck, and cultural context, the specialty being that these cards are hand-painted and typically circular in shape, but now rectangular decks have also been introduced. These cards are painted with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, often featuring intricate details of Gods, Goddesses, celestial beings, animals, and mythological stories, with each style carrying its own distinctive aesthetics and motifs, reflecting local traditions and cultures. Penkraft, through this Penkraft Ganjifa Art course, has introduced a contemporary way to create this artwork on various popular surfaces. With a proper understanding of creating these beautiful, intricate cards and giving them an artistic look to create your own personalized artwork, you’re set on the path of creating your own art products & selling or gifting them to run your own business.

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