Teachers' Training


The word Decoupage traces its origin to the French word decouper which means 'to cut'. For centuries people the world over have used the technique of cutting and pasting images, texts and pictures on objects....
Modern-day art form of Decoupage involves decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut-outs onto it in a combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements; and then coating them with layers of varnish - the finished product looks beautiful beyond words!
This simple art form is not just easy to learn, but also can be accomplished with readily available material and substitutes, thus kindling the doer's creativity in many different ways. It is a fantastic way to use household materials and scraps of paper, along with a little glue, to make something beautiful. It is a technique that requires patience, neatness and eye for design and color. Children who learn this skill, greatly benefit from it, because it opens their eyes to reusing things, exercise patience, build fine motor skills and become 'makers'. They can make beautiful gifts that their friends and family will cherish for a lifetime.
Penkraft Online Decoupage Course will teach you how to prepare a surface like wood, glass, metal etc, for decoupage, choose the right kind of paper or decorative paper to assemble it for decoration. The course will further teach you how you can paint and decorate a surface to merge it with the designs. It seems easy but you need to know the right techniques to do it properly. Once you master them all, you can keep pouring your creative ideas and keep improving your skills with the artform.