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Calligraphy is the art of writing letters in an artistic style which not only makes the word look elegant but also allows you to see the words as a beautiful painting. Copperplate script is the style of calligraphic writing based on different types of shaded script, most commonly associated with English Roundhand. Although often used as a generic term for various forms of pointed pen calligraphy - Engrosser's script, Engraver's scripts and English Roundhand, Copperplate most accurately refers to script styles represented in copybooks created using the Intaglio printmaking method. It became famous for its easily readable cursive script.

Earlier versions of this script required a thin-tipped feather pen. Later, with the rise of industrialization, the use of more flexible and durable fine point metal nibs became widespread. Many masters offered their contributions in defining the aesthetic canons of the copperplate script, but what really stood out as fundamental was the work of the writing master and engraver George Bickham, who in his book The Universal Penman (1733-1741) collected script samples from twenty-five among the most talented calligraphers. Copperplate was undoubtedly the most widespread script in the period between the 17th and 18th centuries, and is now seen making a comeback in its popularity

During this Penkraft Online Copperplate Calligraphy course, you will first learn how to hold and create thin and thick basic strokes with the tool. You will then learn to write capital and small letters, after which you’ll learn different compositions and decorating the borders and letters. Throughout the course, we keep providing tips and tricks to make your experience rewarding and your knowledge of this art thorough!